AC and Lawn Chores – What To Know


Mowing probably isn’t one of your favorite chores but did you know bad mowing practices can actually cost you money and even damage your air conditioning unit resulting in costly repairs? See below for a few tips to help you have a beautiful yard while keeping the safety and efficiency of your AC unit in mind.

When mowing the lawn, direct your flying grass clippings away from your AC unit. A coil blocked with grass, weeds and debris drastically reduces the efficiency costing you more in electric bills.

When using a weed whacker be careful near your air conditioning unit. Debris can damage the coil, flatten the aluminum fins, and cut the thermostat wires; shorting out the transformer. We see this all the time, and it is an expensive repair.

For best efficiency and longevity of your AC unit, be sure to make yearly maintenance a priority. DeLong Air, Inc. makes it easy with our Smart Homeowner Program. You can find more information on our website or simply call the office to see which options best suit your needs.

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